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      Solidworks 2012

      Our Solidworks system allows us to build fully detailed models of our furniture and environments.

      The models can then be used to illustrate to our client exactly what they will be getting both inside and out and allow them to make any last minuet changes.

      Once the furniture has been approved by the client the models are then sent direct to our 5 axis CNC routers and beam saw for error free manufacture.

      3D Studio Max & AutoCAD 2012

      cad1 cad2 cad3

      Clients can also open solidworks models on their own computers with this easy to use and free to download viewer! >>GET E-DRAWINGS NOW<< There is also a very nice AutoCAD clone here to download. >>GET DRAFT SITE NOW<<if you require any help with the downloads or installation please give Dee or Steve a call! or maybe even Nick if he isn't pretending to be busy .